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The Great Outdoors Club     


The Great Outdoors Club was founded by Lin Menninger at Pine Grove Middle School.  Lin became involved with Advanced Strategies two years ago while introducing one of her students to the organization.  She recently retired from the ESM School District after 20 years of service. Lin's goal has always been building good moral character and ethics in students.  Teaching today's youth how they can enjoy the great outdoors while giving back to the community has also been important to her.  Having the Great Outdoors Club join forces with the Advanced Strategies Adventures,Inc. family and working along with physically challenged sportsmen will allow her to do this.

The Great Outdoors Club is a network of middle school aged members, with a former Pine Grove Middle School club member,  Stephanie Case, as Senior Adviser. Cierra Gorman, Shaun Gorman and Tyler Rosso head up the program as Group Leaders.  Their Mission Statement reads:  To build good character, ethics and sportsmanship in ourselves and others.  To help the physically challenged and the disadvantaged.  To make a conscious effort to introduce the sports of hunting and fishing to other youths.  Stephanie and Cierra have received their certification in hunting, trapping and bow under the direction of Lin Menninger.  Stephanie and Cierra have had several exciting turkey hunting experiences with Cierra successfully harvesting  her first bird simultaneously with Lin Menninger (her grandmother).  It doesn't get better than that !  Cierra has also field dressed her grandmother's deer.  What a girl !  Shaun has been out several times hunting deer and turkey as a spectator.  He has helped out at the pheasant hunts, gathering the pheasants from their pens with a net.  He has gone fishing on trips with "The Older Guys" of Advanced Strategies and assisted other challenged fishermen.  Tyler Rosso is our newest member, although a long time member of our Pine Grove group.  Tyler is certified in hunting and is very excited as to what the future hunting and fishing experiences will bring for him.  We are pleased to announce that both Tyler and Shaun received their bow certification in July at NYS Bow Hunter Camp at Camp Oswagatchie on Long Pond.  Both boys had the time of their lives.  Great job boys !

Plans are underway for our group leaders to coordinate their efforts with Advanced Strategies participating in work parties that will clear land, build blinds, and create shooting lanes for the challenged members of their organization. The Great Outdoors club has joined forces with the Tech Dept., 6th Grade Class and Advanced Strategies to build hunting blinds that can also be used on off season to view wildlife by the public.  The materials for the blinds was made possible by a grant from the NRA Foundation.  It is not all work and no play though.  There will be bonfires, cookouts and sleeping under the stars after certain work details. By volunteering their services, members will be able to participate in special events.  If certified and of age, members may participate in the Jr. Hunter Weekend turkey Hunt, along with the Annual Pheasant Hunt (Pheasants have been donated by the Onondaga County Federation of Sportsmen).Tyler and Cierra had a successful hunt this year, each taking their first pheasants.  Those not of age had fun rounding up the pheasants as Shaun has at past hunts.  The members have worked at benefit dinners selling tickets and running prizes to winners.  They have also have helped out at displays at  CNY Sportsman Show Oneida, The Northeastern Sportsman Show and at Carpenter's Brook Sportsman Show.

The Great Outdoors Club would like to thank The Advanced Strategies Adventures, Inc. for inviting them to be a part of their outdoor family.  It is going to be an exciting and rewarding experience that members will carry with them throughout life.  Please help support all of their efforts.